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Slumdog Millionaires

After the madness of the pre-wedding celebrations on the rooftop of Ville Parle East we all had a day off on the Friday before the big day on the Saturday. Ollie and Neem had more intimate ceremonies to perform so the rest of the Irish (American and Scottish) contingent were booked on the Reality Tours – Slum […]

Mumbai Wedding Part 2: Turmeric on your collar

A Gujarati Wedding usually has several small ceremonies in the days leading up to the main “wedding day”. Neem and Ollie had opted for a truncated version but still there was plenty to be a part of. A pop-up tent and area had been put together on the apartment rooftop for the occasion. Thursday started […]

Mumbai Wedding Part 1: Opening Kurtas..

After an early start in Udaipur we landed in Mumbai at 8.10am ready for an action packed 4 days of wedding Celebrations for Ollie and Neem. Most of the action would be located around Juhu Beach an upmarket area of the city with a sprawling beach that looked right out onto the Arabian Sea. Back […]

On an All Time High

While Udaipurs culture is strongly linked to the Lake Picholo and it’s location as the capital of the Mewar Kingdom and the palaces that come with that, the most evident cultural phenomenon is the James Bond movie Octopussy.   A large part of it was shot on location in the city and used famous landmarks […]

Lake City – Udaipur

Monday January 13th / January 14th 2014 We arrived in Udaipur at around 4pm after our long drive from Jodhpur and checked into our room in the Aashiya Haveli (right in the heart of Lal Ghat area of the city. A bohemian ghetto of handicraft shops, budget hotels and rooftop restaurants right on the lake […]

Ranakpur: And the Temple of Strops!!

Ranakpur: January 2014 It was sad to say goodbye to Chhotaram and his family but we had to move on further south as we had to reach Mumbai in a few days. Finishing breakfast and saying goodbye we then jumped in our Indigo car and headed for Udaipur. As we had gone west from Jaipur […]

These boots are made for walking..

Jodhpur – The Blue City – Home of the famous Jodhpur Lancers Regiment and the vastly impressive fort of Mehrangarh. The forts battlements tower above the city of blue – so called due to the number of buildings painted using indigo. We set off in the Jeep for a day of exploring this wonderful city […]

I go driving in my ……

Three things needed for good driving in India; 1. Good Horn 2. Good Brakes 3. Good Luck – Raj (Taxi Driver) Driving and experiencing driving in India is a two sided coin. There is Beauty in the hustle and bustle and dance of various vehicles jostling for advancement but Beast in the countless accidents that […]

More Homestay pics

Village People….

Friday 10th January 2014 “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Doc Brown Train 14865 pulled into Jodhpur Junction at 11.55pm – 6 hrs and 5 mins late. As we stumbled off onto the the platform, armed with our bags we heard the words we were waiting for – a question – ‘Karen Hamilton? […]

The Railway Children

Friday 10th January 2014: The Railway Children: Jaipur to Jodhpur We experienced the true Indian railway service today. We were booked on the 12.20  Jaipur-Jodhpur Intercity Express Train. This journey is known also as the High Court Express as it links the two sitting cities of the Rajasthan High Court. Prepared, we arrived at the station […]

Tickled Pink

As alluded to in our previous post Pink City – Jaipur is known as the ‘pink city’. Most of the major cities in Rajasthan are associated with one hue or another and there is always a ‘colourful’ story to go with it. The city was painted pink to celebrate the visit of King Edward VII […]

Choo choo pfpfpfpf choo choo!

Wednesday 8th January Delhi to Jaipur Our 1st experience of Indian trains was upon us..we were on the 11.40am train from Delhi to Jaipur on coach a1.The fun started as we arrived at the station and couldn’t find our train name or number on the boards. After asking several people we were told it was […]

Taj Mahal photo shoot!

Day 2 in India began with the pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal in Agra (some 200 miles to the south of Delhi). Our drivers name was Raj who not only does he own a farm but he must be a Hollywood stunt driver in his spare time as he tore down to Agra through a […]

Into the Delhi of the beast…

Jan 6th 2014. @ 10.15 Local Time. Flight 0121 lands at Indira Gandhi International Airport just outside Delhi,India. Onboard are two highly trained operatives on a mission…Objective 1: Survive Delhi! First stop was New Delhi Train Station in the heart of the city. We took the Airport Metro Express (150 Rupees each) and it took […]