I go driving in my ……

Make way!!
Make way!!

Three things needed for good driving in India;

1. Good Horn
2. Good Brakes
3. Good Luck
– Raj (Taxi Driver)

Driving and experiencing driving in India is a two sided coin. There is Beauty in the hustle and bustle and dance of various vehicles jostling for advancement but Beast in the countless accidents that account for the premature death of thousands of Indians before their time.

Let me bake a cake with my experiences:

  • Take your standard road from the UK or Europe. Now fill it with bicycles – 2 wheeled and more, manual and automatic, old and very old.
  • Roll this all out. Roads everywhere of varying quality.
  • Once done sprinkle with some huge trucks and vans and mix it with tiny uniform cars by Tata or Mahindra. Please note that we have chosen only the finest specimens without indicators or mirrors…
  • Lovingly add some Rickshaws/Tuktuks (You may even add some manual ones accompanied by old man Pedaller).That is the base sorted. Now for the icing.
  • Ring up Old Macdonald and tell him to empty his farm – all the cattle, dogs, elephants and camels. Throw in some cats the odd warthog for good measure.
  • Also at this point it would be good to merge the footpaths with the roads.
  • Now for cooking: whisper in every man, woman, child and beasts ear that it is they and not the other pretenders that are king of the road.
  • Now that this is all prepared sit back and press play.

That is the driving experience in India.

Ganesh is kept rather busy here!


  1. Ben Bernstein · · Reply

    Hi Guys. I am enjoying your blog loads.


    1. Hi Ben, how are you? I’m glad we are keeping you entertained at work- much better than writing specs. We are slightly behind after the madness of the Bombay wedding. More posts coming soon


  2. Claire Brooks · · Reply

    At the end of the all that, I have two questions….

    1. Did you attempt to cross the road?
    2. How did the cake look?


    1. Hi Claire.

      1. Yep 20 mins later.
      2. We are still eating that cake. A moped crashed into the side of our taxi yesterday. No one was hurt but nerves gone for a while 🙂


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