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The Stopover Who Loved Me

Some last minute logistics meant that Karen would fly home a different route from John back to Sydney. Karen’s Journey went smoothly. No delays, connections made, back before she knew what hit her. John’s Journey? Well that’s a little tale all in itself. EI-175 is one of Aer Lingus’s busier routes. It connect Dublin International […]

Two Let Loose on Cockatoo

“Hey! Where shall we go today?”, asked Karen. “It’s a nice day so we could go to Manly/Bondi/Balmoral/Northern Beaches?” replied John “Nah. Just grab your Opal card and the Go-Pro and let’s go explore…” The day began, as many do in Sydney, on a ferry. Karen’s idea was to go visit Cockatoo Island and have […]

Star Wars: Sydney Awakens!

Thursday afternoon and the sun is shining. In a happening city like Sydney there is always something going on… Last week it was a Fan Event for Star Wars VI: The Force Awakens at no less  a venue as the Opera House steps!! All credit goes to Adam Fernandes for passing on the tickets (begrudgingly […]

If all the World’s a stage….

… Then Thailand is its Movie Studio and Bangkok, in particular, Sound Stage 1. Bangkok has provided the setting, background and magic for many movies over the years. Either as its genuine self or as a stand in for Phnom Penh, Saigon and Hanoi. I have decided to highlight a few movies that I have […]

North West Frontier

For many years I used to spend a couple of weeks at my granny’s house in Tipperary. It was here that I gained my love of World War 2 history through the various movies we would watch together. We saw them all dozens of times but the magic was always the same. We even had […]

Little Bhaktapur

Sorry I have fallen behind with these. When we were in Bhaktapur (Nepal), we witnessed a film crew shooting some scenes for some local production. This jarred a memory from the previous year….. Sitting in the living room of our apartment in Greenwich with Karen’s Aunt Rez (visiting from Brussels), when she told us of […]

The Dark Fort Rises!!

Crowd: Deshi basara! Deshi basara! Bruce Wayne: What does that mean? Prisoner: Rise. Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway has led Christian Bale’s Batman into a trap in the sewer system of Gotham City. A fight between him and the antagonist Bane(played by Tom Hardy),ensues and it become pretty clear that Batman is out of his […]

Beach Supremacy

While in South Goa we spent a few days in Palolem on its perfect beach. Palolem Beach, as it so happens, was the setting for the opening act in Paul Greengrass’s second installment of the Jason Bourne Trilogy of movies, the Bourne Supremacy! The movie opens with a flyover of this glorious beach before moving […]

On an All Time High

On an All Time High While Udaipurs culture is strongly linked to the Lake Picholo and it’s massive city palace the most evident cultural phenomenon is the James Bond movie Octopussy. Shot in the city it used famous landmarks such as the Taj Lake Palace, the Monsoon Palace and the Shiv Niwas Hotel. Now you […]