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The Long Farewell

So the final farewell is upon us. All the boxes are packed, the bills paid and cancelled and the final big clean was reminiscent of the “Hard Knock Life” number from Annie. Karen sold or sent to charity most of her dresses, shoes and matching handbags, many children have been saved! The last task was […]

Task 6: Legal Entry

One of the main benefits of having an Irish Passport is that amongst other things a visa to most countries will be about £50 cheaper than a British Passport!!  So Karen is now weighing the option of getting either the Irish or Italian passport she is entitled to! Whilst the Australia Visa was easy peasy […]

Task 5: Jabs- Not For The Faint Hearted!

We anxiously made our way to the Vanbrugh practice on a cold Monday morning . The Reason? We had an appointment with Sister Joyce to discuss what travel injections and malaria tablets we require. She was slightly overwhelmed by our extensive list of destinations, meticulously she highlighted each page of each country information  from the […]

Task 4: Leaving Party

  The Vanbrugh Pub in Greenwich was the scene for our Leaving London Party on Saturday night. It was an exciting cocktail of good food, laughter, music, Jaeger Bombs and a great night was had by all. There were nationalities in attendance from places as diverse as China, Norway, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Hungary, not to […]

TASK 3: Resign From Work

Part of the going away travelling malarky means having to resign from our respective jobs. Fortunately for the both of us we are so “professional” and “hard working” (edit: I know you are stunned to hear that!) that this was a much easier task than we thought. Our last day in the office will be […]

TASK 2: Road Trip to Ayr

It was a rainy Friday afternoon in November and amongst the throng of cars headed up the M6 Motorway was a blue Renault Clio which was so full of boxes and clothes that the verb “rammed” does not do it justice. Karen’s car and stuff were heading home Our journey was punctuated by an overnight […]

Task 1: Research

Like Dr. Van Helsing or Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the first task is Research!