Ranakpur: Strop Temple.

Ranakpur: Strop Temple

After settling our bill and having a final breakfast with Chhotaram and his family we jumped in our Indigo car and headed for Udaipur.

It was sad saying goodbye to our hosts of the last 3 days but we needed to be heading south to make Bombay for the wedding.

The drive to Ranakpur Temple was very scenic and different to the Expressway to Agra. Lots of of fields with Mustard seeds and the town of Pali to get through.

We reached the temple at noon. Ranakpur Temple is a Jain Temple so it had quite a long list of rules for entry.

Rules are rules!

Rules are rules!

This was all fine but what really grinded our gears was that the camera fee was for each camera / phone we had, even if we didn’t want to use it. Karen got caught first and had to pay the extra 100 Rupees charge and was in such a state that she refused to enter the temple until I managed to talk her down.

After all that it was my turn to get caught by the security screening at the entrance to the temple and I had to go marching back to pay the charge. I was fuming and I think I used the word “scam” in my stream of upset at the tour booth.
Thank god for the envelope cover for the iPad as it remained undetected.

Permission to snap!!

Permission to snap!!


Karen making the most of the extra 100 Rupees charge

Anyways. The temple inside was very cool.Said to be the most spectacular of all the Jain Temples you are drawn in by its marble exterior which is continued inside. Containing 1444 unique marble carved pillars it is some sight to behold and was in the end worth the hassle beforehand.

After the temple we took the windy road through the mountains all the way on to Udaipur. If you ever wondered what happened to all those monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.. They have taken up residence in the Chandra Hills.





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