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When Blogs Collide

If you have been following our journey from the start you may have remembered that we attended a wedding in Mumbai,India. The happy couple (and they are still happy today!) Ollie and Neem have since given up the pressure cooker that is ‘New York City’ and donned a pair of backpacks. Luckily for us our […]

Urban Scrawl

Having waved John off back to Sydney, it was sister time to shop, eat, drink and be merry in Melbourne. After an early take off and the most disgusting plane snack ever – tomato and corn muffins with banana and coconut chips we arrived in the capital of Victoria. Soon we were checked in and […]

More Grand Prix Photos

Some more photos from our trip to the 2015 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. Enjoy.      

Pole Position Hamilton

While living in Australia, we made a pact to see and do as much as we can…back in October we started researching events in the next 6 months close to Sydney. A few google searches led us to the Melbourne Grand Prix, with racing blood in the family we decided to get some Grandstand tickets […]

One for the road

Our final stop in Melbourne was the Melbourne Museum, situated in the lush Carlton Garden. Only a short walk from our apartment in Fitzroy. The Melbourne Museum is a beautiful building designed by Denton Corker Marshall Architects. The construction was only finished in 2001. With the sun shinning on the beautiful building we captured some […]

The National…

Gallery that is! Near Federation square is a big building that houses the National Gallery Of Victoria (NGV). Founded in 1861 it is the oldest public museum in all of Australia. It owes it’s very early existence to the Gold Rush that occurred at this time and flush with money the Victorians donated vast amounts […]

That’s Melbourne!

That’s Melbourne is the tagline for this great city. One of our favourite things about Melbourne was the random things we saw while we pottered about the city. Sometimes photos tell their own stories! Enjoy.