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Highlights of Borneo

Ironically Borneo was the location we were thinking of sacrificing due to time constraints. After a fantastic two weeks we are both so glad we visited and wished we had stayed the whole month. Borneo has beautiful golden sandy beaches, some of the clearest blue waters we have ever swam in and not forgetting the […]

Everything And Anything A Cart can Unload…

Back in KK (Kota Kinabalu) after hitch hiking a mini van from Mount Kinabalu, there was only once place left to visit,the famous night market. On our 1st stop over we hadn’t been very adventurous in the evenings. However after meeting so many travellers who raved about the night markets we had to go check […]


On the way back to Kota Kinabalu we stopped outside the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mount Kinabalu (The highest mountain in the Crocker Range) We stayed at the side of the main road just down from the entrance to the mountain. We had flirted with scaling the 4095m summit but with torrential rain all […]

Walk With The Animals – Jungle Walks

The other side of Mr. Aji’s coin was guided jungle walks. These took place in a part of the riverside jungle near our guesthouse. The first one was at night and we were accompanied by our Spanish friends. It was pitch black… We all had to have torches and keep close together. As we entered […]

Talk With The Animals – Jungle Cruise

As we alluded to in an earlier post… We had signed up for a 3 Day 2 Night Jungle Safari with a local photographer named Mr Aji. At first glance he is just a normal guy with a jeep,but as the trip progressed he turned into a veritable Dr. Doolittle type, and was the best […]

Dial M for Monkey!!

Borneo is know for more than orang utans, it is also the home of the Proboscis Monkey. The Proboscis Monkey is distinguished by a red nose, which is rather like a clowns nose for the males. It also is significantly larger than normal monkeys with big bellies. In Sepilok there is one place to see […]

The King Of The Swingers

Sepilok is the home of the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Sabah, Borneo. This was another big item on our wish list while planning our trip back in London as Orangutans (Pongo Pygmaeus) have always fascinated us. To get here we had to take a 7 hour bus from Kota Kinabalu. The journey took us past […]

Islands in the stream…

So after Singapore it was a side shuffle back over to Malaysia, in particular Malaysian Borneo. We landed in Kota Kinabalu (KK). This is the largest city in, and gateway to, Sabah, Borneo. There’s no beaches worth talking about (we found out the hard way too!), but as a harbour city it was chock-full of […]

Malarone and Haircuts

Back in KL after the caves we went for some Teppanyaki in FoodRepublic which was quite surprisingly tasty! After that found a pharmacy that sold Malarone – The Anti Malarial drug that doesn’t give you nightmares or sunburn. Expensive but necessary for the month in Indonesia. We had been trying all day but the lack […]

Quick Karen.. to the Batu Cave!

Batu Caves On our last trip to Kuala Lumpur we ran out of time before we could see the Batu Caves. Being back here meant we would get a second bite of the cherry. Located 13km north of the city, this is a very important outpost of Indian culture in the eastern peninsula of Malaysia. […]

Bukit 24 Jam

Landing in Kuala Lumpur (KL) we only had one mission – a proper dinner! Good thing that Malaysian food is so good. As Kuala Lumpur is a big city,hostels and hotels are too expensive for what you get so we opted for a rented apartment on AirBnb. This was located very centrally so it was […]