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Reeling in the Year:2014

Today marks one year since we pulled on our rucksacks and said goodbye to Lucy and Martin in Greenwich, London. We boarded the train to Heathrow with a one way ticket to Perth Australia via Delhi, Bangkok and Bali. Our tummies were tumbling, there was mixture of excitement, fear, sadness and nerves inside. Little did […]

7 Months in Asia

As we board the flight to Perth we have realised that it is just over 7 months travel in Asia that has just been completed. To commemorate this here is some Top 7 lists of our incredible journey so far. (n.b Each item has a link to that post!)   Written by John AND Karen! […]

Laos Highlights

You know the drill by now… A collage of photos to sum up our adventure in Laos. We particularly enjoyed how laid back the people are in Laos, we urge you to visit Laos highlands to experience real Laos.

Slow Burn

Due to the stormy weather we cut our time in northern Laos short by a few days. Something we were both sad about as we really liked the laid back life of the highlands. However there is very little to do there when it is lashing rain and thunder storms. Video evidence can be found […]

Wet Wet Wet

  Our plan was simple. 11am wooden boat up to another highland village called Muang Ngoi to stay the night. What we didn’t count on was the elements, or one of them – water! The night before a huge storm broke and while it was gone by morning it struck again moments before we headed […]

The Hills Are Alive…

The van pulled up outside the guesthouse as John was shoveling the last of his scrambled egg into his mouth. It was already rammed and was carrying more passengers than seats. Reminded us of the journey to Kep. Surely this would not be the van that takes us all the way to Nong Khiaw.Luckily for […]

Wat a town!!

Almost recovered from the party town of Vang Vieng we boarded the local bus to Luang Prabang. The journey was loooong and slooooow as we made the trip up the mountains.7 hours later and after several stops so the driver could deliver items and pick up friends, we finally arrived in the city.   Finding […]