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Mekong – you Jane!

Another day and another bus journey. Only this time it’s no ordinary bus journey. Today’s challenge would be the 6 hour bus Journey from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). With almost a month spent in Cambodia it was time (according to our Visa) to leave this beautiful country and head to our […]

Cambodia Highlights

We crossed the Cambodia and Vietnam border on Monday, leaving a little piece of our hearts in Cambodia. We both loved this country and urge you to visit soon before it becomes over commercialised and simply another Thailand. Enjoy our highlights. We had a fantastic time here and we will be back.       […]

First they took my molar…

For the last 5 weeks John’s tooth has been lose. He knew he needed to get it seen to but he wanted to wait for the right place. Our friend Charya goes to a clinic that is staffed with foreign trained dentists so we got her to book an appointment for John there. It was […]

Travelling 9 to 5

I must be dreaming… Why else would Peter Gabriel be singing to me…oh crap that’s my alarm ringing. For the last week my guest alarm song has been ‘Big Time’! “Karen…Karen wake up” I scream. “Wh…what day is it?” “Moving day!!” I reply. A rush of activity follows. No jumping in the showers or cups […]

The Island of Dr. Mor-Koh

“Hello Poor Island…..Hello Rich Island” We were dropped at the office in Sihanoukville for Palm Beach Bungalows and greeted by a big South African Man named Kevin, the owner. Luckily I had his business card as his booking system was all messed up, so he had to fit us in. With the boat pickup an […]

Life’s a Beach!!

Life is a Beach After a fast efficient mini van ride from Kampot to Sihanoukville we jumped into a tuk tuk to help escape the concrete jungle towards the laid back simple life on Otres beach. No journey in Cambodia is smooth and this was no different. The motorbike broke down 4 times on the […]

City of Ghosts

It is hard to imagine that this sleepy town was once a thriving port. Then Sihanoukville was founded in 1959 and Kampot started a period of decline that it is slowly crawling out of. Before the Civil War there were hundreds of Pepper Plantations surrounding the town. Demand was high as restaurants in Paris had […]

Kep Clam and Curry On

After our hectic week of weddings, temples and the heart break of the killing fields we decided we needed a few chilled days and a chance to indulge in some seafood. Kep (sur mer) seemed to be the perfect getaway. We secured a good deal in a fantastic little resort called Spring Valley, minutes walk […]

Year Zero

Following on from our visit to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.   Later that day we made the journey to the Killing Fields of Cheoung Ek. While not the only Killing Field in Cambodia, Cheoung Ek is the most famous due to its connection with S-21 and it’s proximity to Phnom Penh. On arrival it looks no […]

Heart of Darkness

Today was our darkest day since we began our trip. We decided our full day in Phnom Penh would be dedicated to a trip to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21), and the Killing Fields of Cheoung Ek. This was going to be a tough day but these were two places we were both keen to […]

Shadow of Angkor!

It was 4.50 am we were woken by our trusty friend Sophoryl calling us to say the original pick up time of 5.30 am would be late to catch sunrise. So we jumped up quickly and threw on some clothes before jumping into his tuk tuk. This was going to be our final glimpse of […]

I like to ride my bicycle…

I like to ride my bike! We took a break on Day 4. Not from temples, but from the TukTuk. With very flat terrain and a great road network we decided to rent some bikes for the final day. Not Mountain Bikes, with their abundance if gears and good brakes. Instead we chose girly bicycles […]

Angkor Who? Part 3: Return of the Camera Shy!

Day 3 was upon us and we once more jumped in the TukTuk that we were slowly to label, “The Red Baron”! Today we would finish the temples that straddle around Angkor Wat. This would include one of the big hitters in Ta Prohm as part of the journey. First stop was …. Prasat Kravan […]

Angkor Who? : Part 2 ‘The Angkor Empire Strikes Back’

Day 2: Skirting the big temples A slightly later start was allowed for day 2 as we would not be travelling as far. Today we would be concentrating on the temples to the North and East of Ta Prohm, tightening the perimeter around our final days sights. First up on the menu was Preah Khan. […]

Angkor Who? : Part 1

We arrived in Siem Reap and quickly secured lodgings in the Shadow of Angkor II Guesthouse, across the river from the Old Market Area. That afternoon was spent in search of a TukTuk driver for the next few days. Why? There is only one big reason to come to Siem Reap. Not for what the […]