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Return to Canton

It had been three and a half years after our last trip to Hong Kong. Then it was a gateway to China where we stayed a month. This time it would be a stop-over on the way to Japan for Easter. The last trip involved meeting up with friends who were passing through. This time we […]

Highlights of China

China was a place we had been curious about for some time. We thought it would be a little different from anywhere we had visited before. Hearing so many people tell us it would be impossible without a guide or joining a tour group, intrigued us more. In true JK roaming style we ditched the […]

Exit Strategy

We made it to Kunming. All those weeks ago we booked our exit flight not knowing what China would do to us. To begin with, it restored our faith in humanity after meeting such great people. We appreciated nature more after the spectacular sights we witnessed and most importantly,on a few occasions, it completely validated […]

In Salvador’s Town

Dali was the chilled out haven we had been longing for after a very hectic month in China. It’s biggest appeal was the array of good cafés and restaurants with English menus. We ate our way around the cute little town. Our favourite being the French bakery which offered a cheese and meat platter. The […]

Leaping Tiger Hidden Gorge

We wanted to go see Tiger Leaping Gorge but we didn’t want to do all the dangerous trekking that’s involved- we have done enough of that on this trip. As a compromise we decided to just get a driver and go see the Gorge from the southern bank at the waters edge. In the end […]

…In the Country!

It was late when we arrived to our guesthouse so it was straight to bed after the driver dropped us off. The owner Bruce and his wife Bella stayed up to welcome us and the next morning made us a great breakfast while they filled us in on the surrounding area and what to do.We […]


Very excited today as we would be going to see the Pandas at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre. Our driver arrived and our minivan looked like it ran on sheer willpower! As we shuddered through traffic (the suspension was completely gone!) we read through some of the Lonely Planet China to get excited. Arriving at […]

Anna Karen(ina) and I

Chengdu was never on our original hit list. However after chatting to Sarah and Danielle in Shanghai about their trip and the promise of a local to show us around we squeezed in a stop over. The deal breaker was the chance to get up close with pandas of all shapes sizes and colours- yes […]

“These City Walls..

..only to be with you” On a rather dull grey morning we headed towards the Goose Pagoda in Xian. This involved navigating our way round the city on the local bus. Confidentially we hopped on the bus no 6 and handed over our 4rmb and sat eagerly following the bus route on our free hostel […]

Humpty Dumpty is in trouble!

“The Average height of the Terracotta Warriors is 180cm” This fact was brought to you by our young volunteer tour guide at the Terracotta Warriors. On closer inspection you see that not only are the soldiers different heights, but they are different body sizes and (apparently) no two faces are the same. This becomes surreal […]

Muslim Quarter

Xian is a pure dichotomy experience. It was once the terminus for the Silk Road and had historically hosted poets, monks, courtesans, emperors and warriors of varying nations. Now however it is a modern city gripped by smog. Walking South from our Hostel we encountered the familiar sight of the Drum and Bell Towers. No […]

Hutong Clan ain’t nothing to drum with!

Beijing’s back streets are a maze of alleyways, locally known as Hutongs. Nearly all Hutongs run east to west so that the main gates faces south, satisfying fang shui requirements. They say the spirit and soul of the city lives and breathes among these little lanes, where there is a huge sense of community. Sadly […]

Heavenly Temples

It wouldn’t be a JKRoaming certified city visit without some Temples being included. Beijing has some answers for that… First up was the Lama Temple located near the Hutongs of Dongsi District. This Buddhist Temple was very impressive with riveting roofs, amazing arches and some fine architecture. On entry everyone got free incense. What made […]

Peking Duck Hidden City

Today would involve walking and lots of it, our destination was the Summer Palace. This was once a playground for the imperial court fleeing the summer heat of the stifling Forbidden City. The palace grounds, temples, gardens, pavilions, Kunming lake with numerous bridges and gate towers is a beautiful landscape so much so that UNESCO […]

You’re my Wonder-Wall!!

A century of good times- our 100 post! For many years I (Karen) have always wanted to walk the wall, not just any wall but the Great Wall of China. Monday 9th June 2014 @10am was the moment it happened!! Since this had been at the top of my bucket list for years we spent […]