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Tears In Rain…

Last year Karen and I spent a few amazing weeks in Nepal. Our initial objective was just to go there to do a bit of trekking but we discovered so much more. We spent days getting lost amongst Kathmandu’s labyrinthine streets, discovering temples both hidden and looming before heading to quieter streets in Bhaktapur – […]

Nepal Highlights

Our 16 days in spectacular Nepal came to an end and we made it out the country with lots of tales but no visa issues.

The Stupas Have Eyes

With one full day left in Nepal we had to make a choice between The Swayambhunath Stupa (also known as Monkey Temple) or the Bodhnath Stupa. They are both almost the same so there was no point in doing both.In the end the deciding factor came down to Monkeys… After seeing what they could do […]

From Ayr With Love

After a hearty breakfast in Mum’s home, we struck out on a mission to find Ratna Park. Our trusty lonely planet assured us that we could pick up a mini van with the locals to Patan (Emphasis on the Mini part of van!). John’s navigational skills directed us to the sea of packed mini vans, […]

This town is coming like a Ghost Town

“Karen!” “What John?” “Instead of the 8 hour bus journey back to Kathmandu, what if we break up the journey?” Karen cocked up her eyebrows and asked.. “Wow. Good idea, but where could we stay?” “I have heard great things about Bandipur. A little town full of culture and great to visit. The Lonely Planet […]

Ain’t no mountain high enough….

By Karen Hamilton After days of talking to several tourist companies and agonising over which trekking route to take we opted for the climb to Poonhill. 3210 meters above sea level or 3 Ben Nevis’. This was going to be a challenge for the novice Trekkers equipped with running shoes. A Sunday stroll to Blackheath […]

Gotta Catch Em All – Pokhara!!!

As things do not run accordingly to plan here we decided to head to the airport a bit earlier than usual. The domestic terminal wasn’t that big, like Cork City Bus Station really and in typical Nepali fashion we got put on the earlier flight so that they could resell our tickets later on. There […]

Bhaktapur Future

two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less traveled by Robert Frost   As the early morning rain filtered in through the gaps of the surrounding buildings we jumped into a beat-up Suzuki Maruti for the short ride to our next destination, the medieval town of Bhaktapur. Formerly the capital […]

Kathmandu among the pigeons

We luckily managed to evade capture (and rabies) thanks to our running shoes and the fact that Third World hounds don’t have much stamina After a fun filled 5 weeks in India the time came to board Air India Flight AI215 from to Kathmandu (Nepal) from Delhi (after an intial leg from Kochi) Karen used […]