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If Melbourne is a great city, then there is only one place worth staying in here. That is the funky district of Fitzroy. We were lucky to find a great apartment on AirBnB and stayed with a nice couple from Ireland (Tipperary and Galway).

The apartment was right off Brunswick Street, which is where everything happens. A thoroughfare bordered on both sides by funky bars, amazing restaurants and quirky shops – where you can buy a designer watch for less than 1 dollar!*

Running through the heart of this district is the ‘Tram’ line. Like San Francisco, Berlin and now Edinburgh, Melbourne proudly boasts a world-class tram system. To finish it all off, Fitzroy has some of the best StreetArt we have ever seen.

But enough typing. Here are the photos.

* Shop was closing down and did we say designer? oh deary me!

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