Urban Scrawl

Having waved John off back to Sydney, it was sister time to shop, eat, drink and be merry in Melbourne. After an early take off and the most disgusting plane snack ever – tomato and corn muffins with banana and coconut chips we arrived in the capital of Victoria.

Soon we were checked in and out exploring armed with tourist maps and information. We opted to plan our next few days over cocktails and really good Thai food so we headed to Cookie in the city, where we sampled build your own daiquiris.

We started the next day  exploring the various laneways in the CBD  following our tourist walks before heading over to Federation Square and the amazing Museum of the Moving Image!

While introducing Laura to good old Aussie breakfast in a hidden lane way, I called ‘Urban Scrawl‘ a walking tour of Melbourne Street Art.We headed to the home of street Art Fitzroy and met Zoe our guide – we had a private tour. Zoe was so knowledgeable about the local artist and took us through car parks, back streets and lane ways showing us a fabulous array of street art . The 3 hour tour took us from Fitzroy to Collingwood, pictures are more powerful then words so enjoy our best snaps from the tour. We would highly recommend Zoe’s Urban Scrawl tour.

In Collingwood we visited Chopper Lane – a street of murals dedicated to local man – Mark ‘Chopper’ Read. After writing a series of autobiographies this criminal was catapulted into fame with at least two motion pictures dedicated to his lifes and crimes.

When we were not exploring Street Art we were hanging out in the cool bars of Melbourne including Naked for Satan and Berlin Bar, buying shoes (Laura) and heading down to St Kilda and spending the afternoon with Cristin. We had a lovely afternoon eating cake, exploring cool shops and sipping tea in and around St Kilda-but it was a bit chilly to hang around.

Our creative juices stimulated – it was time to head back Sydney for an another action packed weekend and to see John Junior who was missing us!

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