Beach Supremacy


While in South Goa we spent a few days in Palolem on its absolutely perfect beach.

Palolem Beach, as it so happens, was also the setting for the opening act in Paul Greengrass’s second installment of the Jason Bourne Trilogy of movies, The Bourne Supremacy!

The movie opens with a flyover of this glorious beach before moving on to the market town in North Goa.

This place will do…. 🙂

Still having flashbacks about his CIA past, Jason (played by Matt Damon), writes them down in a notebook while he is laying low in Goa with Marie (Franka Potente).

Little do they both know, a hired killer Kirill (Karl Urban) awaits them in the market town of  Panaji (North Goa)


Nice shirt!

Nice shirt!


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  1. Ben Bernstein · · Reply

    And who would you two be if you were Hollywood characters…….? I’m thinking Bonnie and Clyde


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