Leaping Tiger Hidden Gorge

We wanted to go see Tiger Leaping Gorge but we didn’t want to do all the dangerous trekking that’s involved- we have done enough of that on this trip. As a compromise we decided to just get a driver and go see the Gorge from the southern bank at the waters edge. In the end we managed to convince another couple (From Montreal), Seth and Avigail to join us as they were in the same dilemma. This turned out to be a good move and they were great company. We chatted the whole day and talked about China, movies, Vietnam, life in general with them. The journey there was punctuated with a stop at a hillside Monastery complete with atmospheric mist and incense and bedecked with Tibetan Prayer Flags and good luck messages. It felt like we were back in Nepal.

The Gorge itself was very good, created by the meeting place of two mountains (Haba Snow and Jade Dragon Snow Mountains).But unfortunately there was a lot of rubbish floating at the edges and it really took from the scenery.

The rapids gushing around tiger leaping stone were pretty wild.

On the way back we stopped at a few photo points – one if them being spark with a mixture of horse riding and rafting as well as yet another wedding photo shoot!

Our driver for the day was, as you guessed it, Bizon Frise man, and he had even more teddies in the van this time. Some people invest in gold, he invests his in teddies it appears. When we got back to Bruce’s he made us tea and biscuits in the veranda while he got us some mountain bikes . Our last place to visit was the tiny village of Baishe about 7km away. It was such a great cycle with the mountains in the distance and flat fields to either side it felt like the Arcade Game ‘Outrun’. The village itself was very rustic, complete with an old woman at the village gates asking for ‘photo money’! Located there is also a Silk Museum (Yunnan was an important part of the Great Silk Road), where we had the opportunity to buy amazingly silk weaves paintings for only £2000 each! ( we didn’t).

With the Lijiang area done all that was left was dinner and drinks with Seth and Avigail in Shuhe. Walking through the town square we came across a bizarre scene. As it was Thursday night the traditional music was replaced by what looked like a rave!

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