Exit Strategy

We made it to Kunming. All those weeks ago we booked our exit flight not knowing what China would do to us.

To begin with, it restored our faith in humanity after meeting such great people. We appreciated nature more after the spectacular sights we witnessed and most importantly,on a few occasions, it completely validated our whole crazy journey!

It also made us crave good food.

Known as the City of Eternal Spring,our last stop Kunming still had enough surprises for us after almost a month in China.

We stayed at the Lost Garden guesthouse and it had the best food in China. We could eat salad, real pizza and have a decent breakfast and they sold homemade granola (for Karen).

There were cool places in Kunming and we just wandered the streets in the drizzle and took photos.

Walking around the centre of town we spotted some Supercars (including a Lamborghini with both doors open!) and some interesting personal ads!

Our last half day in Kunming afforded us a trip to our last temple for a while. This Buddhist temple had everything we have seen before plus an army of turtles swimming around the ponds.

Back at the guesthouse we met a Belgian (from Mongolia) who shared a cab with us. We were leaving on a high.

Or so we thought.

Air Asia’s checkin desk never opens on time. The girls then arrive and do not open the counters until they have all applied a shared lipstick. They then couldn’t find Ireland in their list of countries to process our checkin. Then they decided that after 14 Flights so far without a problem, that John’s bag was oversized luggage.

At this point John started to get defensive (a bad sign!) so he had to be calmed down to get through security.

Dinner was a Magnum Ice cream as Kunming airport is rubbish with no facilities once through security.

Goodbye China



  1. Great photos! And sounds like you had quite an ordeal at the airport to finish off the trip…


    1. Thanks guys. With a country so rich in Culture and full of great things to see it was only inevitable that there would be a bit of hardship to go with it! 🙂


  2. Ben Bernstein · · Reply

    applause for a wonderful blog


    1. Thanks Ben. You should write one too perhaps? Confessions of a Business Analyst or something like that!


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