Wet Wet Wet

Kagool Time

Kagool Time


Our plan was simple. 11am wooden boat up to another highland village called Muang Ngoi to stay the night.

What we didn’t count on was the elements, or one of them – water!

The night before a huge storm broke and while it was gone by morning it struck again moments before we headed for the boat dock. With the prospect of a hell journey to somewhere remote and outdoorsy in mind this changed all our plans. We headed back to Luang Prabang beaten and drenched from diverting to the bus station on foot.

The minibus driver drove 100mph down the windy roads back to Luang Prabang, running over a chicken in the process 😦

Here is the evidence of the storm.



  1. Laura Ingram · · Reply

    No matter how much evidence you post nothing will stop me giggling at you two & your “we’re not locals” kagools! Everyone else seems to be completely unfazed! Hee hee!! 😃


    1. Haha Laura. You know I went soft with regards to the rain when I moved south! Lol. We have to make sure to use everything from our rucksacks. X


  2. […] Due to the stormy weather we cut our time in northern Laos short by a few days. Something we were both sad about as we really liked the laid back life of the highlands. However there is very little to do there when it is lashing rain and thunder storms. Video evidence can be found here. […]


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