Highlights of Borneo

Ironically Borneo was the location we were thinking of sacrificing due to time constraints. After a fantastic two weeks we are both so glad we visited and wished we had stayed the whole month.

Borneo has beautiful golden sandy beaches, some of the clearest blue waters we have ever swam in and not forgetting the most fantastic wild life.

We were blessed to see Orang utans, 8 different species of monkeys in the wild and numerous stunning birds including an eagle.

Enjoy our highlights of our visit. Borneo is at the top of our locations to revisit list. Strongly recommend you visit.


  1. Once again, great pics. I cant get enough of the Proboscis Monkey! I saw them in Ulu Temburong in Brunei!


    1. Thanks Lee. Yep we thought the Orang-utans would be the business but the Proboscis Monkeys stole the show!


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