Travelling 9 to 5

I must be dreaming… Why else would Peter Gabriel be singing to me…oh crap that’s my alarm ringing. For the last week my guest alarm song has been ‘Big Time’!

“Karen…Karen wake up” I scream.

“Wh…what day is it?”

“Moving day!!” I reply.

A rush of activity follows. No jumping in the showers or cups of ambition here, more like;

Up…Dress…Pack Bags…Camera Battery Charging – Don’t forget it…bus tickets…money… Simultaneous check out and breakfast shopping in the local store…wave goodbye to Australian neighbours who are going to a proper breakfast sit down…TukTuk!… Panic panic we won’t make it…don’t break down…arrive at bus office…

And then the usual nonsense. The bus is half an hour late or we have been bumped off for a local family and put on the next bus. Today it is the latter as the family take our place on the 9am bus – with the largest Durian Fruit ever in hand. We are handed new tickets.

Resigned, we sit down. Panic induced palpitations over. I look into the shopping bag and retrieve my breakfast. God I miss breakfast rolls!

We have had dozens of moving days but the above is a familiar pattern. Like Speed Racer we rush to the end point only to have waiting time at the end.

Today we would be taking the bus back to Phnom Penh for the last stop on the Cambodia Tour.

In fairness the lunch break stop was really fancy and it has croissants. Our momentary peacefulness is interrupted when the GiantIbis bus arrives and out of it pop our Australian neighbours.

Curious Karen asks them when they left and how they managed to book the bus since we were told there was no GiantIbis bus at 9am. Clearly we had been victims of another scam. Our neighbours had been collected at 9am after a long breakfast and promptly boarded the 9.30am bus which they had booked direct with our bungalows for a mere $12 – the same price we paid for the “VIP” minibus.

JKRoaming :1
SCambodia :1

(This one is going into Overtime!)

The rest of the journey was non-eventful and by 2.30pm we had checked into our guesthouse.

In the afternoon we met our friend Charya and after a small walking tour of the Riverfront area we bought some local Cambodian snacks and went to her apartment to chat and swap pictures of their wedding and watch the world go by from their balcony.

The riverfront area (between the Grand Palace and just north of Wat Phnom is quite the hangout spot for the city. There are also some expensive cars All Foreign made cars have 100% Import Tax!).

Aerobics anyone?

Aerobics anyone?

Tres expensive!

Tres expensive!

If you cross 110th Street

If you cross 110th Street

When Michel got in from work we all jumped in a TukTuk and went to a French restaurant called Cabaret. This Jazz themed restaurant, set in the old print works was just what we needed after the arduous journey that day.

Phnom Pehn: Friends reunited

Phnom Pehn: Friends reunited





  1. Bernadette Hamilton · · Reply

    Wish I could send you a roll with slice sausage & tattie scone John ,since you are missing one so much. Lol x


  2. and Bruce enjoyed one yesterday!


  3. […] in Australia. Also there is a reduced probability of being kicked off the bus to make room for a Durian Fruit. Arriving around lunch time, Karen brandished our new hit list out and we found that there was a […]


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