The Long Farewell


Have rucksack will travel..


So the final farewell is upon us. All the boxes are packed, the bills paid and cancelled and the final big clean was reminiscent of the “Hard Knock Life” number from Annie.


Looks like an empty!

Karen sold or sent to charity most of her dresses, shoes and matching handbags, many children have been saved!

Karen's collection in the window of Save the children.

Karen’s collection in the window of Save the children.

The last task was the packing of our new best friends Ariel and Flounder (our backpacks!)


Suspicious looking baggage?

After heading home to Cork and Ayr for the christmas break and to prepare for the big challenge ahead we returned to Greenwich on January 5th and there was just enough time to get a final Zaibatsu fix in before we headed off!

First stop: A bustling city of 18 million people that is the new capital city of India.

Yes you guessed it, it is New Delhi.

But 10pts for your House if you can name me the original capital city of India???

P.S. If you are reading this from London, I cannot recommend enough Zaibatsu (on Trafalgar Road). Best sushi in london and its BYOB so 🙂

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