Task 5: Jabs- Not For The Faint Hearted!

We anxiously made our way to the Vanbrugh practice on a cold Monday morning . The Reason?

We had an appointment with Sister Joyce to discuss what travel injections and malaria tablets we require. She was slightly overwhelmed by our extensive list of destinations, meticulously she highlighted each page of each country information  from the NHS website, validating what we needed!( twice !!!)

Then the dreaded news… she confirmed we needed Meningitis and Hep B.  The Hep B is so strong we have to have 3 shots of it!

Before the shot!!

Before the shot!!

Brave John went first, he had a shot in each arm. It was my turn next I was a little nervous. The first shot was ok but after the second  injection I was out… All I remember is waking up on the couch with Sister Joyce putting cold water on my forehead and checking my blood pressure- Yes I  fainted! What a wimp! Tea with lots of sugar and a seat I felt a little better. 1 down 2 to go…


  1. Oh Karen! Hahaha!

    John I hope you flexed that bicep of your’s, slapped it and said ‘Straight into this python sister! What ya gonna do?’

    I’m very jealous of you both! Please let’s meet up somewhere in the next 12 months 😀 x x x


  2. jkroaming · · Reply

    I wish Danny Boy. It was more like a scene out of the A-Team when they distract Mr. T so they can drug him and put him on a plane!

    Sister Joyce: “Look over there..”
    John: “what where,,,

    Stab with the needle!!

    On the other note. Yes we will meet up somewhere next year but I must insist in no golf!! lol


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