TASK 2: Road Trip to Ayr

It was a rainy Friday afternoon in November and amongst the throng of cars headed up the M6 Motorway was a blue Renault Clio which was so full of boxes and clothes that the verb “rammed” does not do it justice.

Karen’s car and stuff were heading home


Our journey was punctuated by an overnight stay in the majestic….


During our stay in Lancaster we were fortunate to share a meal (and by share a meal I mean eat at the same school-canteen-esque restaurant) as George Galloway MP!! Yes Gorgeous George was eating in the same restaurant as our Karen and John.

Now we both realised that a year away from our normal routine would mean we might rub shoulders with the rich and famous but little did we realise we would meet someone this early in our adventure.

The next morning we continued on our journey to Ayr and it was not long before we “hit the border”!


After another 2 and half hours and travel through the scenic villages of Sorn (An Award Winning Village) and Muirkirk, which has two main claims to fame…

It was here in the late 18th Century that John Loudon McAdam began his famous career in road construction. Its other noteworthy point is that there now stands three Totem Poles in the area depicting local Flora and Fauna.

Soon afterwards arrived in the hometown of Karen (and  Robert Burns) home of Ayr.

After such a long journey there was only 1 place we were going to stop first….



Tastiest breakfast roll on the north side of Hadrian’s wall…Mission Accomplished!

  • Total Distance Travelled: 423 Miles
  • Celebrity Alert: George Galloway






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