Well Two out of Three ain’t Bad!!

After 5 nights on Gili Air we were rewarded with a Level UP for our commitment. That Level Up was Gili Meno. According to Wikitravel, Gili Meno is the “Meat in the sandwich of the three Gili Islands”.

Gili Meno, while fast becoming the new exclusive retreat island, is still the best of the three Gilis right now.

It has no strip worth mentioning and only one real shop. Also the beach is pristine sand and deep blue waters. We would have come here first but you cannot get here directly from Bali, unless you invest in Option 3 (See Gili Air post for details). Yet it still has those horses!!

We were in luck here and got a bungalow (with hammock :-), for less than $22 a night. It even had a coconut tree in the bathroom!

This Gili is even smaller than Gili Air and can be circled in less than an hour if the pace is good.

There is even a small Turtle Sanctuary on the island run on the initiative by a local. Here Green Sea Turtles and Loggerhead Turtles are collected, hatched and safely released into the sea… Turtle Power!!

We spent our time on the beach and in the water. At night we wandered to one of the few restaurants on the island and enjoyed some good fresh fish.

With the two best Gili’s done we made our way to the mainland of Lombok.

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