Wham Lampang thank you ma’am!

Another sneaky post!!!

Lampang broke the journey back up to Chiang Mai. It was also the scene of Karen’s mad toilet dash during our stop on the journey to Sukhotai a few days earlier – who knew she could sprint!

We had a dilemma. Stay near the bus station for a quick get away or head to the riverside and be near the action. As it was only 5 mins by song-thaew to the river we stayed near the bus station.

We arrived on a Sunday so during the day the place was quiet but that evening there would be a street market. We managed to finally get somewhere for lunch after a couple of failed attempts. We were informed in one cafe that:

” We only have Spaghetti”

“That’s ok”, we replied, “We only want Asian food anyways”

“No we Only have Spaghetti” was the response!!

After lunch we went and did the top 3 sights of Lampang starting with the Ban São Nak House. This old Teak house is supported by 113 columns of thick timber and houses an array of vintage items and nick-nacks. Our 50 Baht fee also included some mango juice and rice crackers.

Next up was one of the two more famous Wats in Lampang, Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao. This was the home of Thailand’s second Emerald Buddha!

Walking back to the river afterwards the clouds were getting black and we could see flashes of lightning so we abandoned the 3rd sight on our list.

We walked through the local market and just made it to the Sunday Market before the biggest storm we have ever witnessed hit!

We had to take shelter in an art gallery while the rain came in the windows and doors and lightning and thunder howled outside. It was nearly two hours before we could make it out of there!

That evening was spent in a nearby shopping center out of the rain and the plan was formed to go to the Elephant Conservation center the next day.

We decided to stay in Lampang rather than hump all our bags with us to the Elephant Center and headed there in a local bus.

This place was great and really quiet as it was a school day. You can read more about this center here.

We managed to get some local food at an old wooden restaurant called Aroy One Baht. This was typically asian dining with many small dishes of steaming veg and stir fried meat and rice and all for £2!

After the food we went back to the last sight from the day before.

The clouds again started to darken and as the wind picked up we decided to go back early this time. We managed to find a real local place across from the bus station and had one of the best Pad Thai meals ever, cooked by an old woman with a toothless grin.
We were worried that Lampang was going to be another Bandipur but it turned out to be pretty cool once we explored it properly and apart from two other people we were the only tourists in the whole town over two days!

My house in the middle of my street..

My house in the middle of my street..

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