Hippy Hippy Shake

We have managed to tunnel under the Chinese Wall of Silence and can bring you some blog updates


Transmission begins………

What happens when a bus has no suspension, is driven for 300km in the wrong gear and had dodgy tires?

6 hellish hours of our lives that we will never claw back!

Oh and the female ticket conductor was a right cow!

Worst Episode ever!

Our destination was a place called Sukhotai. A UNESCO Heritage site with , dare I say it, ruins to rival Hampi and maybe Angkor Wat.

While flicking through a guidebook, Karen found this place and we reckoned it was worth a look.

We arrived in the New Town (13km away) and had to get a songthaew to the Old Town where we staying.

Our landlady was very nice and another cracking map was produced from behind the counter. We were planning on doing one full day amongst the ruins but she told us that the park was free after 6pm so we managed to get a cheeky preview of the central ruin zone and sunset amongst them.

The next morning we rented bicycles and in 38 Degree heat set out to explore. We had to return Karen’s bike as it did nae work and then we were back in business.

Scattered around a park, the ruins were in various states of decay and renovation and ranged from a small collection of bricks to the vast temple of Wat Sri Chum (with it’s impressive Buddha)

After 4 hours of exploring and with newly sunburnt bodies we went back to the guesthouse to chill for a while.

That evening (Saturday) was special as all the temples would be lit up but in order to not pay twice we had to enter the park before 6pm.

On leaving the park we enquired about bus tickets to Lampang. We were given a ridiculous price from some random guy with the promise that it cost so much as he would ‘lock down’ the seats for us!

We didn’t fall for his shenanigans and got tickets elsewhere and saved nearly 100 Baht each.

Sukhotai ruins were really great and with easy cycling routes can be done with ease. What wasn’t helpful was 38 degree heat from 9am to 5pm and Karen’s broken bike.

Oh and towel elephants anyone?


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