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…and then a step to the right!

We had a whole week in Sydney to introduce Laura to our Sydney bubble before we headed to warmer climates of Queensland’s coast. After the weekend of fun, it was time for John to return to work and the girls to head to the outlets…Birkenhead Point for some retail therapy. We had a great day […]

Sydney Diaries: Year of The Sheep

So the Horse has bolted and we are left standing alone. Alone that is, until we felt something licking at our boots. Looking down we see a big white wooly jumper with 4 black legs and a curious look in it’s eyes! Aha.. it is a Sheep and this is it’s year! Outside of China […]

Miss Saigon?

It was mad to be back in amongst the craziness of Saigon ( Ho Chi Min) almost 7 years on from my trip with Paula. I couldn’t believe how much more commercialised, tourist friendly it had become. Now there are pedestrian crossing and traffic lights… A long way from Paula and I holding hands and […]