Sydney Diaries: Year of The Sheep

So the Horse has bolted and we are left standing alone. Alone that is, until we felt something licking at our boots. Looking down we see a big white wooly jumper with 4 black legs and a curious look in it’s eyes!

Aha.. it is a Sheep and this is it’s year!

Outside of China and Asian communities you rarely get to see much of the Chinese/Lunar New Year celebrations. That is except for one place…Sydney!

Here there is such a large asian community and with Australia’s growing ties to China the Chinese New Year has spread beyond the confines of Haymarket and taken over the city.

On the Lunar New Year’s eve we walked back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to head to Dawes Point for a unique outdoor art installation. On our way over fireworks erupted from ships behind the Sydney Opera House. Not exactly the same as December 31st but enough to capture the imagination.

As if on cue from the fireworks the entire Sydney Opera House was lit up with red lighting. Red is a very lucky colour in China and is synonymous with the Lunar New Year. It was really great to see our all familiar Opera House in a different light (literally)

So back onto that art installation then. As we turned the corner from the Hyatt hotel and reached Dawes Point we were presented with some of our old friends from Xian – Terracotta Warriors!!

Entitled The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors, it comprises 90 warriors and two horses that were created by Chinese artist Xia Nan for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, These larger than life lanterns are fashioned out of fabric and wire, they have all the delicacy of a traditional Chinese lantern.

Not a bad start to CNY2015!

If you want to see some real Terracotta Warriors you will have to go to Xian or read our blog post on them here.


  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai to both of you! The year of the goat/sheep…Sorry I could not be there to give the hong bao!

    Love RezXX


    1. Thanks Rez. Is it celebrated in Brussels at all or did it pass unnoticed?


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