Vivid 2018: …and there are lights!

As my wife and I trained in Bradfield Park our eyes were fixed on the familiar sight of the Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay, an almost 5 year fixture in our lives. Except tonight it was shining a bit brighter than normlal…oh crap it’s May -> that means Vivid Festival is here.

Billed as “Where art, technology and commerce intersect. Three weeks of game changing ideas and seminars, amazing music and light sculptures that transform the city.”, it is the one time of the year where the CBD puts on a show! The 2018 Festival was the 10 Year Anniversary. Bigger and brasher than ever.

That year John and friend Paul went out and about around the Rocks, Circular Quay and beyond to capture some of the images.

Flash Off and tripods out below are some of the highlights; as always were the ‘Lighting of the Sail’ light shows on the Sydney Opera House and the Custom House facade which showed a project animation in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of May GIbb’s characters, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. This whimsical piece was  narrated by famous Australian film and television actress Noni Hazlehurst AM.

On top of that we had some Animal Portraits on the bricked laneways of The Rocks thanks to local artist Graham Atwell (aka Attydesign).

Hungry for more? Our 2017 Entry is here as is our 2015 Edition.


  1. Always a great show. I won’t get down this year – hope you visit and post some nice pics 🙂

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    1. Yes the plan this year is to go more than 1 night and try and make it up to Chatswood and around the other precincts!! #FingersCrossed

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      1. The Canberra one which a few years back was much better than Sydney has gone downhill so badly .. it’s a poorly organised food court now with a few boring lights added .. look forward to your pics.

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