TBT: Sydney Vivid 2017

Some of you may recall the strange affair
of the Phantom of the Opera:a mystery never fully explained.

We are told, ladies and gentlemen, that this is the
very chandelier which figures in the famous disaster.

Our workshops have repaired it and wire parts of it for the new electric light
Perhaps we can frighten away the ghost of so many years ago
with a little illumination, gentlemen…

In 2009 another group of Gentlemen (and gentlewomen) had the same purpose. Only their goal was more lofty than an auction house in Paris. What started as a Smart Light Festival to promote energy efficiency and involved projected light paintings onto the Sails of the Sydney Opera House has grown in the proceeding years to encompass a dozen sites across the city.

Those original pioneers were Bruce Ramus & Mary-Anne Kyriakou (Lighting Designers) and the headline was the God of Music – Brian Eno.

Since then it has gone on leaps and bounds with more than 2.3 Million People attended events and workshops for the last two years and now running for 23 nights.

And it’s not just lights. Talks and Concerts are held during this period featuring figures such as Morrissey, Shepard Fairey and many more.

Our first Vivid was in May 2015 and we enjoyed it a lot again in 2016.

That’s enough talk – please enjoy our photos.


  1. I have been fortunate enough to vist Vivid for a number of years now. Not sure if you have had the opportunity to visit Canberra’s equivalent -Enlighten- which until the last couple of years I rated better than Vivid.


    1. Wow. Thanks for the tip. We have not heard of Enlighten!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure. Have a look here… https://ramblingwombat.wordpress.com/2017/05/28/enlighten-2016/
        Maybe slightly biased towards Canberra .. someone has to sell it!!!!


  2. John and Karen, Ive missed wishing ye both a Happy Christmas so here’s to a Great New Year and Besst wishes for 2018. Fitz


    1. Merry Christmas to you and the boys Fitz and a Happy New Year too.


  3. This certainly seems like a great place to visit, and I’ve only heard great things from those who have spent some time there. Thanks for sharing with us and happy traveling!

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  4. Wow thats incredible! Wish I hadn’t of missed it 😦 Check out my latest post on flight hacks and budgeting tips 🙂 Save on your next adventure!!! https://meanderingmegg.wordpress.com/


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