Sculptures by the Sea

As we were skimming through our photo albums we noticed that we didn’t write about Sculptures by the Sea 2014. With the 2015 version just having gone past, we felt it was time to do a mash-up article on both years.

What is it?

From late October to early November (or Spring if you live below the equator!) the Coastal Walk Path between Tamarama and Bondi Beaches is transformed into a great outdoor spectacle as hundreds of Sculptures and other pieces of art are put out for display on the cliff edges and parks allwoing the event lives up to it’s billing in glorious fashion.

It began in 1996, a year after Australian artists David Handley visited the outdoor sculpture park in Klatovy, Northern Bohemia and brought that inspiration back to Australia. Since those early years it has grown to encompass the works of over 50 artists annually and draws sponsorship from the big corporates not to mention the half a million people that show up to ‘take it all in’ every year.

Pablo Picasso once said that “everything you can imagine is real”, and with the below pictures it is hard to argue with that logic.

Best of 2014

John Says: My favourite were definitely the paper-mache ants. (Look Who’s Here by Janaki Lele, an Indian-born Sydney-based paper artist.

Best of 2015

We had an additional ‘critic’ join us this year in the form of Adam…

John Says: An odd piece called Hamlet’s Lament by Stephen Harrison was my pick of the bunch.

Adam Says:Champagne corks, because we could tell that Dim (another pal) had been there already! (Twist of fate by Jane Gillings).

Lot of bottles went into this piece!!

Lot of bottles went into this piece!!


Afterwards we walked a bit further this year and found some cool street art at Bondi Beach.


  1. Hey just saw this- many thanks, John! (Hamlet’s Lament sculptor)


  2. […] the path is turned into an outdoor art museum. This will be our fourth year attending. Read about Year 1 and Year 2 […]


  3. Great walk from Bronte to Bondi it was very busy but it was worth the view had a great day..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for stopping by Don. Yes its a great walk with amazing sea views but does get busy due to being in a heavy residential area. We have found going mid-week sometimes or really early on a Sunday opens it up a bit.


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