Tasmania Highlights

Although our road trip around Tassie was only 10 days, a relatively short trip for us, we managed to squeeze plenty in. John navigated us along the windy country roads, while Karen manouvered the clumsy camper in and out of great lookout spots.

Since we had ‘settled’ in Sydney this was our first big trip to celebrate our birthdays and we both loved being back on the road with our trusty backpacks. We realised how much we had missed the sense of freedom. With this in mind we kept our plans in Tassie very loose and simply followed the road- pretty easy when you have a camper. The downside of travelling when you have a fixed end date ( something we were not use to) is you run out of time for everything on your hit list…We decided along the way to enjoy the east coast and save the west for a future trip.

Our highlights included: Sampling many wines of the Tamar valley, meeting the fairy penguins, relaxing on the east coast beaches especially the spectacular wine glass bay, soaking up some culture at the MONA and visiting the famous Port Arthur historical sight.

We have selected our favourite photos from our amazing road trip of the north, east and south of Tassie. We will be back to explore Cradle mountain and the beautiful west. Enjoy!

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