MONA Lisa Smiled?

As we pulled out of the car park it disappeared and the warning sign came on. We were potentially in a lot of trouble. Did we have enough of our unknown quantities of fuel left for the 36km up and down trip to the nearest petrol station?…


Like a scene out of Hollywood the dramatic scary music turned into a rapturous choral number as we rounded the last bend on the road and coasted down the hill. We had to roll the van to the pump as the engine had consumed its last scintilla of petrol, phew!

That evening we celebrated our near disaster miss with some beers (and wines!) at the Travelodge next door to the trailer park and enjoyed a spectacular sunset.



With an afternoon flight the next day we had some time left to dedicate to one more place on this trip. Situated on the grounds of the Moorilla Winery Estate and conceived at the blackjack tables and racetracks by professional gambler David Walsh is the Museum of New and Old Art or just simply the MONA.

The architecture displays echoes of Guggenheim and the collection of new and contemporary art is both bizarre and beautiful in the same breath. But enough words here are some pictures.

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