A Park fit for the King!

It was such a sunny day we decided to head to the park for a picnic, and relive our Greenwich Summers. There is only one park worth spending the day in, in Perth…. King’s Park.

We got off the bus a bit earlier than intended. A chance to walk up Fraser Avenue and take in the views of Perth City below, or John getting the bus stop wrong again!

Situated on a hill overlooking the metropolis below, King’s Park is correctly named. Regal, grand and not half lush it’s a great park.

All the walk paths and flowers are maintained zealously by an army of rangers and elderly volunteers.

We spend quite sometime walking around the guided walkways and walking over and around landmarks such as the Wagyi snake bridge and the central lake.

As with keeping with the rest of Australia, there is a huge ANZAC memorial situated in the park as well as a viewpoint recently built to canonise the victims of the 2002 attacks in Bali, Indonesia.

After the park we headed back into Perth and took a small peek inside the Perth Mint. This was originally a branch of the Royal Mint back in London, England. Nowadays they print limited edition gold coins with everything from Kangaroos to Optimus Prime printed on them!

They had a tour but it was a bit pricey. Besides there is only one Numismatist here so would have been a bit boring for the other person who used to work in the old Royal mint building in London 🙂

The last activity today was to post a present back to Ireland for John’s brother’s birthday. The postage cost double the present!! The Post Officer (yeah that sounds right!), on seeing that the package contained some TimTams commented that:

I hear there is bad chocolate over in Ireland. It’s not that great?

He had obviously never tasted Golden or Mint Crisp…and don’t get me sorted on Snack bars!!


  1. I love Golden Crisp! Loved going on summer trips to Ireland to get it!


    1. Ah Colette. You never said. All those years I came to visit yours after being in Cork for Christmas. I could have brought you over some!!


  2. Damn – a missed opportunity for chocolate! Not that I need more! All hotting up here is Scotland as the 18th Sept comes ever closer! I have never witnessed a more engaged nation! We could get to 90% voting – but what way will it be??


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