Just a small town girl…

So that is us leaving Kota Kinabalu and about to head to Perth, Australia.

Or was it?

Like in the TV detective show Colombo (Peter Falk RIP), there was “just one more thing…”

We had one more country to visit. Our final Asian country would be Indonesia. The island of Bali is one of the gateways to travelling in Indonesia so it was to be our first stop.

Bali is certainly an island in many regards. Here the majority (84% in fact) are Hindu worshippers, compared to the rest of Indonesia which is dominantly Islamic and is also the world’s largest Islamic country in terms of population. It’s also a lot more developed for tourism than the rest of Indonesia.

We had both visited Bali back in 2009. However as we made the journey from the brand new shinny airport to our home-stay we weren’t quiet ready for all the changes. Bali now has highways, people wear helmets on motorbikes, Pizza Hut and MacDonald’s were off the highways. Crazy!

Speaking of changes, this was us in Bali 5 years ago!!!

Thankfully, we had researched and chose wisely to visit the east coast of Bali. Much less developed and no American fast food chains.

Our residence for the next three nights would be Kubu Pilatus Inn home stay in Manggis, a little village outside the small town of Padang Bai. Our room was lovely over looking the little swimming pool. The shower was cold but the service from Putu and his brother was warm.

We enjoyed exploring the local villages and hiking to find a beautiful small beache, that Wikitravel dubs ‘The Secret Beach’. Locals had set up small shacks selling cold bintang and playing their guitars.

The remote location was perfect until there was a power cut and we had to walk 20 minutes in the pitch dark home, the distant mooing of cows and barking of hounds to keep us on edge.

Most folk pass through Padang Bai, on their way to the Gili Islands or Lombok as it is the main ferry port but we enjoyed our stay here and would recommend it for some chill out time.

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