Everything And Anything A Cart can Unload…

Back in KK (Kota Kinabalu) after hitch hiking a mini van from Mount Kinabalu, there was only once place left to visit,the famous night market. On our 1st stop over we hadn’t been very adventurous in the evenings. However after meeting so many travellers who raved about the night markets we had to go check out what the fuss was about.
First we stumbled across the clothes and souvenir market. John loves these tourist t-shirts and soon had added a Sabah Borneo one to his collection.

The only thing missing was a cockney voice shouting “4 t shirts for a tenner love”

As we turned the corner we felt like we were back in London, walking through Petticoat Lane. The streets were packed full of rails of second hand clothes, cheese cloth shirts and Levi’s. The only thing missing was a cockney voice shouting ‘4 t shirts for a tenner love ‘, instead we could hear ‘very good price’ miss.

Outside there were several tailors using fabulous old singer sewing machines. They almost looked like the window display from All Saints. This Handicraft Market used to be known as ‘Pasar Filipino’ due to the large number of Filipino goods on sale here.

Soon our noses guided us to the food market. The aroma of satay barbecuing was fantastic. There was a great mix of tourists and locals enjoying the local delights.

Next up was the fresh food market, not such pleasant smells. Our feet were wet as we walked through the fresh fish market, Karen got snap happy. Until a little local of about 5 years old, told her off for taking too many photos.

To finish the evening it was time to have a drink and check out the local night life. It all seemed to be happening in the Irish bar – surprise surprise! The bar was called Shamrock’s Irish Bar and Wikitravel describes it as “The usual Irish fare – with outdoor seating!”… ahem!

The last task for KK was to get some Indian food for lunch before our flight to Bali.


  1. Cammal aka Brown Boy · · Reply

    You guys seems to be having good fun! Did you try the durian?


    1. Hi Cammal. I have tried it (once) but the smell is too much for Karen. Interestingly though we were put off a bus in Cambodia to vacate a seat for a very large Durian Fruit (True Story!!)


  2. I am enjoying reading of your experiences in Sabah. I have not managed to get there yet. 🙂 Hilarious about that little girl telling you off for taking photos! 😀


    1. Thanks Lee. Sabah was very special. We are sitting here now in Indonesia ruing the fact that we didn’t stay there longer… you should check it out!


      1. Maybe next year! 😉 Enjoy Indonesia! I hope you can get over to Komodo, or even Sulawesi?


      2. Hey Lee. Didn’t make it to Komodo or Sulawesi but will be spending some time in Australia so maybe hop back over there at a later date!


  3. Cammal aka Brown Boy · · Reply

    Well I’m not surprised, a lot of people can’t take the smell and the texture of durian fruit. Anyway it’s one of my favorite fruit! Funny incident in Cambodia ha, I can’t imagine myself being put off for durian though hehe. Anyway glad you guys are enjoying your trip here in Malaysia. I am from KL.


  4. Enjoyed reading this post, we will be in KK in 2 days time!! First time in Borneo, even more excited now. Any delicacies you can recommend from the night markets?

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    1. Hi Victoria Thanks for reading the blog.

      In the markets the satay looked the best. If you can find the Lavender Lodge guest-house in Kampung Air (Also recommend staying here too!) there is a Chinese Noodle Shop (Same as in this post) with the best food ever only two doors up from Lavender Lodge.


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