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As we ate our yoghurts at Lampang bus station, John felt a sudden sharp familiar pain in his ribs. Turning to Karen she was pointing at the rest of the station’s occupants.

In our hunger filled daze we hadn’t noticed the dramatic music that came on abruptly and forced everyone to stand in silence – it was 8am and Anthem time.

As soon as that was over it was bus time (again). We were headed back to Chiang Mai and back to Funky Monkey guesthouse.

We decided we fancied a lazy day to we sussed out a hotel we could pay to use the pool. A day of chilling by the pool was enjoyed and our tans were topped up.

Our old haunts. The wooden restaurant with no name and Lemongrass restaurant were visited to get our drunken noodle fix. We went on the search of night life but due to it being low season and the unrest in Thailand everywhere was dead.Defeated we headed back for an early night.

Our final day in Chiang Mai would involve a visit to yet another Wat (Wat Phra That Doi Suthep) but this one was out of town and involved a climb. The view at the top was fantastic. This was the spot we recorded a birthday video for Laura.

It had stunning views of the city and has been in existence for 800 years. Legend has it that a sacred relic was attached to the back of a White Elephant who was then released and they built the temple on the spot where this elephant died.

These days it is reachable by road but it used to be a tough pilgrimage in the old days.

That night we finished our Thailand adventure with some good street food and some cans of San Miguel (Filipino version) before heading back a bit early due to our 4am start the next day.

Oh and Karen met (kind of) one of her celebrity crushes…

Karen with Dr. McDreamy

Karen with Dr. McDreamy

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