Ready Steady Cook



Probably the first cook school we have been to where everyone cooked different dishes.

We had a choice of 6 dishes per course over 5 courses. The first course was a soup but a mini rebellion decided that we do Appetizers instead – wise choice.

The Dynamic Duo wanted extra value for money so they chose completely different dishes.

There were 8 in the class, an American-Indian couple from Philadelphia, a British-Indian couple on honeymoon from Leeds and an Australian couple from Brisbane who had been travelling for 3 and a half years by then (Wow!)

It was a good bunch and we mingled pretty well! Swapping travel stories and jokes.

The teacher, Tong was a great laugh and as none of us took the class too seriously he warmed to us as the night wore on. Commenting we were one of the most fun groups he had taught.

We each had our own station with wok, cleaver and pinny. (No hair nets though Willy Mac).

Karen’s first course was Drunken Noodles and here is a video of making them:

John’s disastrous flirtation with pastry rolling continued and he had to double roll his spring rolls to keep them from falling apart. But they were tasty!

After that we had to prepare and make two dishes simultaneously. A stir fry dish and our curry. John opted for the less spicy Yellow Curry while Karen went for a Massaman curry complete with 10 chilli peppers in it.

There was so much food!! They even through in a ton of rice and a free dessert, more rice but this time the sweet sticky variety with mango. We were well and truly stuffed.

As we were leaving we were handed a certificate and a cook book for all the dishes we had made.

We both really enjoyed the evening, it was the first time we had cooked in 5 months. Out of practice, John was still much better than that time in Glasgow.


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  2. Bernadette · · Reply

    Looks like brilliant fun,I would have loved it. Xxx

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  3. “That time in Glasgow?” What did you do, John?

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    1. Everyone else’s Apple Turnover looked good and tasty. Mine looked like it had been repeatedly shot at, at close range with a shotgun!


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