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To Sydney With Love

With visitors in town it provided a great excuse to dust off the camera and take a few snaps of everyday Sydney. The local haunts and happenings that we take for granted on a daily basis. Living so close to Sydney Harbour we have a lot of wonderful things and places on our doorstep. The […]

Let there be Light!!!

“Perhaps we can scare away the ghost of so many years ago with a little illumination, gentleman!” Every May the entire city of Sydney gets out the step ladder, goes up into the loft and opens up an old cardboard box marked ‘lights’ and then drapes itself in them. I am of course referring to […]


Normally when we celebrate Hogmanay we are in Scotland and it is “baltic”, as the locals say. This year was different…close to 40 degree heat and glorious sunshine. Quite a lot of people in Sydney camp out from the early hours of the morning to stake the best spot on the shoreline for one of […]

Sydney Diaries: RBG is the place 2B!

Word! Located right in the heart of Sydney City and occupying commanding views of the harbour is the Royal Botanical Gardens (RGB). Since 1816 this has been a quiet oasis in the urban sprawl of office buildings that threaten to consume it and best of all… it’s a public park! On scale and wow factor […]

Sydney Diaries: Macho Macho Man – ly

Taking a break from settling into our new lives in Sydney we took a day trip to the suburb of Manly. Located northeast of the harbour the best way to do this is via ferry from Circular Quay. The public ferry is the best. As part of the journey you get a mini tour of […]