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Tears In Rain…

Last year Karen and I spent a few amazing weeks in Nepal. Our initial objective was just to go there to do a bit of trekking but we discovered so much more. We spent days getting lost amongst Kathmandu’s labyrinthine streets, discovering temples both hidden and looming before heading to quieter streets in Bhaktapur – […]

Reeling in the Year:2014

Today marks one year since we pulled on our rucksacks and said goodbye to Lucy and Martin in Greenwich, London. We boarded the train to Heathrow with a one way ticket to Perth Australia via Delhi, Bangkok and Bali. Our tummies were tumbling, there was mixture of excitement, fear, sadness and nerves inside. Little did […]

Gotta Catch Em All – Pokhara!!!

As things do not run accordingly to plan here we decided to head to the airport a bit earlier than usual. The domestic terminal wasn’t that big, like Cork City Bus Station really and in typical Nepali fashion we got put on the earlier flight so that they could resell our tickets later on. There […]