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Slow Burn

Due to the stormy weather we cut our time in northern Laos short by a few days. Something we were both sad about as we really liked the laid back life of the highlands. However there is very little to do there when it is lashing rain and thunder storms. Video evidence can be found […]

Filters and Fashion

The first of our activities alluded to in our last post was a visit up the Mekong river to see the caves at Pak Ou. The previous night the water would not work in the shed so we were moved to another room. Sitting at our breakfast we were told that we would have to […]

Wat a town!!

Almost recovered from the party town of Vang Vieng we boarded the local bus to Luang Prabang. The journey was loooong and slooooow as we made the trip up the mountains.7 hours later and after several stops so the driver could deliver items and pick up friends, we finally arrived in the city.   Finding […]

River City

Our next stop was the infamous party town Vang Veing. Famous for tubing, however in recent years the crazy party scene has mellowed due to government restrictions placed on the numbers of bars on the tubing circuit. The removal of zip lines was after several casualties and 11 fatalities in 2011. We arrived here with […]

Laos Time

After a fun filled 4 weeks in Vietnam it was time to dodge the horrendous 36 hour bus and jump on the flash packer Vietnamise Airline flight to Vientiane- the capital of Laos. 1 hour later we landed in Lao People Democratic Republic, the only landlocked country in South East Asia. We had decided to […]

Mekong – you Jane!

Another day and another bus journey. Only this time it’s no ordinary bus journey. Today’s challenge would be the 6 hour bus Journey from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). With almost a month spent in Cambodia it was time (according to our Visa) to leave this beautiful country and head to our […]