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Angkor Who? Part 3: Return of the Camera Shy!

Day 3 was upon us and we once more jumped in the TukTuk that we were slowly to label, “The Red Baron”! Today we would finish the temples that straddle around Angkor Wat. This would include one of the big hitters in Ta Prohm as part of the journey. First stop was …. Prasat Kravan […]

Angkor Who? : Part 2 ‘The Angkor Empire Strikes Back’

Day 2: Skirting the big temples A slightly later start was allowed for day 2 as we would not be travelling as far. Today we would be concentrating on the temples to the North and East of Ta Prohm, tightening the perimeter around our final days sights. First up on the menu was Preah Khan. […]