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March of the Birthday Penguins!

After a mammoth driving session the day before it would just be a short jaunt down the A3 Coastal Highway to our next stop and more importantly the site of Karen’s 30th Birthday celebrations – Bicheno. But first up it was time for Karen to open up her cards and presents. Karen always aspired to […]

Made in Cambodia!!

As the weeks of travelling had past, Karen’s hair had become more and more out of control. The heat has dyed it light and made it grow very quickly. The once neat bob had become an out of control mess with her fringe pull back by her running hair band or clasps. Never fear Charya […]

This town is coming like a Ghost Town

“Karen!” “What John?” “Instead of the 8 hour bus journey back to Kathmandu, what if we break up the journey?” Karen cocked up her eyebrows and asked.. “Wow. Good idea, but where could we stay?” “I have heard great things about Bandipur. A little town full of culture and great to visit. The Lonely Planet […]

Where East meets West

We left sleepy Hampi at 8.45pm on the over night bus to Bangalore, which will be referred to as the ‘Benga Bus’. This was after the most terrifying rickshaw ride. Under the cover of darkness and on an empty tank of petrol we were taking on the lumps and bumps of the mean back roads […]


We are both officially unemployed. Today was our last day in our office jobs in London. We left with mixed emotions, excited about our travels but sad to say bye to our colleagues. Karen was prepared ( as always) for her departure, the handover had been planned, all tasks ticked off. While John on the […]