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Inside Out: Art of Glasgow

Glasgow has always been a second home for Karen. A lot of her family are living there. She grew up riding the train to Glasgow for shopping trips and then to attend University. It was the city she moved to for her first job, becoming a Town Mouse for a number of years before moving […]

…and build a Lego house

He must have done something right. Not only was Karen really enthusiastic about going to a museum but she was fully aware of what the exhibition was going to be – Comic Books and Lego. Wow, I guess 8 years of subtle pressure and influence does pay off. Also we had a wee bit of […]

The Dark Fort Rises!!

Crowd: Deshi basara! Deshi basara! Bruce Wayne: What does that mean? Prisoner: Rise. Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway has led Christian Bale’s Batman into a trap in the sewer system of Gotham City. A fight between him and the antagonist Bane(played by Tom Hardy),ensues and it become pretty clear that Batman is out of his […]