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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Taking some time out on Gili Trawangan (Indonesia) to remember the important things…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Until 1974 no one knew what was buried near the Emperor Qin Shì Huang’s Mausoleum outside Xi’an. Then peasant farmers came along and tried to dig a well and in lieu of water they discovered the 8th Wonder of the World… the Terracotta Army.     And like the gift that keeps on giving, there […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

In Cambodia’s south coast (It only has one coast by the way), there is an old French Hill Station called Bokor Hill. There is an interesting Contrast here when you capture the following two buildings in the same shot. On the left is the old (run-down) Summer Residence of one of Cambodia’s Rulers. On the […]

First Site Poll

With the European Elections due in May and the Scottish Freedom Referendum looming we have decided to launch a poll on our blog. After reading our blog posts which country would YOU love to visit next?    

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

In Bhaktapur (Nepal), there is a children’s home for disabled children. They also have a guesthouse called Heart of Bhaktapur.   The guesthouse is covered in brilliant art work by the kids.    

10000 Strong

During the last few days our blog has hit 10000 views so now would be a good time to crunch the numbers and see what trends we have seen on our trip so far. Travel So far we have been travelling for over 2 months or to be precise 66 days and 19 hours and […]


We are both officially unemployed. Today was our last day in our office jobs in London. We left with mixed emotions, excited about our travels but sad to say bye to our colleagues. Karen was prepared ( as always) for her departure, the handover had been planned, all tasks ticked off. While John on the […]


5 Work Days to go….