MonoChrome Monday : St Andrew’s, Scotland

The eagle-eyed viewer might recognise this beach as it played a prominent part in the opening sequence of the movie Chariots of Fire. Vangelis’s Anthem of the same name booms while all the actors including Ben Cross and Nigel Havers run across the sand and incoming tide. Powerful stuff.

Here is another shot from the town itself – the ruins of the Abbey.








  1. Loved seeing Chariots of Fire.great image.

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  2. shambhavijodha · · Reply

    excellent photography.
    Visit India also.

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    1. Thank you. We did visit India back in 2014…

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      1. shambhavijodha · ·

        Keep gracing our majestic land with your visits. In case you happen to visit again, please do visit Rajasthan state of India.
        Thank you.

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      2. I would absolutely love to return to Rajasthani!!

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      3. shambhavijodha · ·

        your blog articles are very nicely written

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