MonoChrome Monday : Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise in the distance and The beaches of Miami, Nobby, Mermaid and Broadbeach in between.

Gold Coast, Queensland (Photo taken from Mick Schamburg Park Lookout)

Gold Coast, Queensland




  1. Great shot 😊. I would like to follow your blog, but with the „follow section“ of your page it is not working. Would you please send me a link ?

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    1. Thanks Inga. I think this is a WordPress issue – I have had it before where I cannot follow when I click on a blog post link but then if I hit return and go back to Reader it should allow you. Alternatively you can add your email to get email alerts on our homepage at


  2. I happened upon this site on accident back in 2016, I reckon. I check up on it from time to time, and it seem’dt to have a dry spell the last year, I’m happy to see it being continued.


    1. Thanks. We spent more time traveling than writing but are slowly catching up.


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