Sister Sister

The time had finally arrived – Laura (Karen’s sister) was arriving from Scotland for a wee visit Down Under.

In preparation for her visit John was tasked with moving a bed from Cremorne and generally dusting and cleaning whilst Karen went to town on an Australian welcome pack. Armed with flags and posters we eagerly awaited Laura’s appearance at Sydney Airport. You would have thought that over 24 hours of travelling would have left Laura a bit shell shocked but she was to prove to have the last laugh as she managed to tiptoe around us and surprise us!!

They say that visitors sometimes bring the weather with them but luckily no Scottish Climate was packed in her suitcase and the first full day together was a belter. We took in the sights of the North Shores before heading over to the Opera House for a few drinks at the Opera Bar on the water’s edge.

We also managed to meet the other visitor to Sydney that weekend – one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons guarding the World Premiere of Season 5.


It was a short ferry ride back to ours before a quick turn around and we were back out and about to hit Darling Harbour for some food and drinks and fire works (as it was Saturday Night).

So with one full day over we had seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House,Darling Harbour and had a journey on the Sydney Harbour Ferries….

And that was only the beginning of a great 3 weeks. The next morning we would be continuing the fun with a little excursion not far from our home.



  1. Bernadette · · Reply

    Fantastic wee look at Laura’s arrival and part of her trip . Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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