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As discussed in our last post. We arrived in York with a very big mission – find somewhere to stay on a Saturday night in a small town.

After almost giving up we happened upon the Town Hall – which is now a visitor centre, where the kind lady suggested we try across the road at Spooky Hall.

Karen had a vision of Midsomer Murders or a themed hostel but it turned out to be a pretty sweet deal with a great room, and a hefty discount for paying in cash. Small Town Economics 101. The place was also very funky!



The weather was great so we went to explore the town on foot – no more driving today! Lunch was had in a small cafe called the Cafe Bugatti. York is a very cool town, full of restaurants, shops and cafes. We had some fun checking out the local sweet shops and walking up and down the main thoroughfare.

York was first settled in 1831 and was named after the city of York as the surrounds reminded the exploratory officers, including Robert Dale, of the Yorkshire countryside. The main reason was as a centre of agricultural activity to feed the ever growing population of the Swan Valley Settlement (Perth). By the 1880s the town was booming as it was a major staging post on the way to the goldmines. It’s now a pretty busy tourist destination in the summer and is very good looking with it’s historical buildings.

Nearby the river we managed to catch a vintage car rally. Lots of amazing vintage cars and kind owners who let us take photos.

With a selection of restaurants in town we decided to treat ourselves and went out for dinner for the first time since in two weeks. Near the top of town there was a Chinese restaurant – the kind you get at home. It was also one of the only restaurants doing a dinner service – and this was at 7pm?

As we sat down to eat, Karen noticed that everyone was drinking their own carry out. After confirming this, John was sent to get some wine. Thankfully he found a bottle from Margaret River that we tried on our wine tour. Result!

The Chinese food was good – just like back home and nothing like food in China. The owners must be minted as it was doing a fierce takeaway shift. At one stage a couple came in at 8.30pm and they had to check with the Chef if he would cook for them as it was a little bit late – on a Saturday Night!!

As we left the restaurant we had the streets to ourselves. Western Australia doesn’t seem to do weekends, not in Winter anyways.

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