Date Night

Over the last 6 months we haven’t had many proper nights out. While in Singapore it seemed appropriate to have a good old date night. We headed for the Marina Sands Hotel no less to enjoy a few expensive cocktails and beers watching the sun set over over this fantastic city.

We followed the tip from our friend Colin and headed to Ku De Ta bar rather than the Sky lounge. KL
The reason being, they offer the same view but the Ku De Ta bar is free entry as long as you buy a drink versus an entrance fee and drinks out of paper cups at the Sky lounge.

We sipped our drinks until the sunset, and were treated to some flyovers by the Singaporean Air Force practising for the annual Singapore Day Festivities. As the natural light faded we walked through the Gardens by the Bay with its neon towers.These are spectacular at night, all lit up. After taking several photos we strolled by the Ritz Carlton hotel- Karen’s Residence on her last trip. Pity Barclays wasn’t paying this time. Our ultimate destination tonight was the Golden Village Cinema at Marina Plaza.

This was our third attempt to visit the cinema in Singapore. This time we had booked tickets online. John couldn’t hide his excitement. His first trip to the movies since we left the UK. With the choices limited due to the massive release of the latest Transformers movie we were left with slim pickings and 22 Jump Street was selected.

The night was finished off at somewhere Karen had tried to go 2 years ago but didn’t make…Newton Hawker Stalls! We had some snacks while an older Chinese man plied us with drinks from his stall and sat drinking with us until his wife pulled him away.

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