The Littlest India that was…


Missing Indian food and finding poor substitutes in the little isolated Indian Restaurants, (all run by Tamils from Chennai by the way!), scattered around the old French Indochina there was only place to go… Singapore’s Little India!!
Like Little John in Robin Hood it seems this place is ironically named.There is nothing little about this place, especially as Indians make up nearly 10% of the population of Singapore. You have Hindu Temples, Restaurants, markets and many head movements and Bollywood music blaring from every alleyway. The aroma is that district mixture of spices and heat that only Indian people create.
Armed with a eatery recommendation (Banana Leaf Apolo)  by our good friend Colin we immediately tucked into the finest South Indian meal, on a big banana leaf no less! The vegetable biryani lived up to the hype.


We were lucky to get a second visit when we went to a Bangalore-run cafe with Karen’s old work buddy Shiva (who recently moved to Singapore) and his wife for some great Masala Dosa and Thali.
It was lovely to catch up with Shiva, we had worked together in Glasgow and had not seen each other in almost 5 years. We had a few near meets on our trip, we happened to be in Mumbai and Bangalore at the same time but never managed a catch up. It made me chuckle Shiva had selected a Bangalore cafe- he is originally from Bangalore and the Chennai food just wasn’t good enough for him!



  1. This definitely seems like a great place to visit and have a decent meal. What would you recommend I should try?

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  2. In Banana Leaf Apollo you should try one of the Thali Meals (lots of little dishes).


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